Muchos Baches

Branding, UI, UX, Website


Muchos Baches (Many Potholes) is a startup founded in 2015 by Paul Cervantes and Alberto Castro in Ensenada BC, Mexico. A graphic designer and a web developer, who like many other citizens, were fed up with all the potholes in their city.

Back in 2015 the conditions of the roads in Ensenada were really bad, there were potholes everywhere causing accidents and expenses to drivers after hitting the potholes. The idea was simple, to create a tool that anybody can use to report a pothole in the city in order to put pressure on the local government to repair them.


We created an easy to use tool for people to locate potholes on a map, put a name on them, tell us their sizes and add a description about each of them. Every time they uploaded a pothole, an e-mail was being sent to the local government officials with all the info including where it was located. We had to do all of this anonymously because we were putting the local government in a bad spot and we didn't want to get in trouble.

The logo represents a marker on a map with an adhesive bandage. This means we are helping to fix potholes in the city.

Concept advertising to encourage people to download and use the app. The title reads "Because we are all fed up".

The project started as a Website where in a few days people reported more than 500 potholes of different sizes.

After the success we started working on the app version.

Video demonstration of how the app will work. You can play with a demo here.


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