About me

Paul Cervantes | Designer

Hello, my name is Paul Cervantes. I'm a freelance Graphic Designer from Ensenada, Baja California, México. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design and 4 years experience as a former Graphic Designer employee.

I'm skilled in visual design and I have a passion for tech. I'm a lover of UI/UX and Web Design. I love working on multi-disciplinary teams, being involved from brainstorming through to strategy and to execution. When I'm not designing I love traveling, surfing and skateboarding.

· Skilled at designing Logos and symbols.
· User Interface design of responsive Websites and Web applications.
· Knowledge of front-end development technologies such as HTML and CSS.
· Great eye for detail (composition, colour, and typography).
· Fluent in the visual language of the web.

· Pencil and paper (all my designs start as sketches)
· Illustrator / Photoshop /Indesign
· Wordpress
· Invision
· Trello
· Fontastic
· Materialize
· Bootstrap
· Wunderlist

Download my Resume.